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cheese head · round head · countersunk head · raised cheese head · raised countersunk head · hexagon
cheese head · hexagon · cap shape
tapping screws
cheese head · round head
cheese head
cheese head · round head
Standard Category
ASME B 18.3-2012
ASME B 18.6.3-2013
ASME B 18.6.3-2013
ANSI/ASME B 18.13-1996
ANSI/ASME B 18.13.1M-2011
ANSI/ASME B 18.3.3M-1993
ANSI/ASME B 18.6.3-2003
DIN 16903(Q)-1974
DIN 7500(AE)-2000
DIN 7500(CE)-1995
DIN 7500(E)-1995
DIN 7500(EE)-2007
DIN 7500(OE)-2009
DIN 7500(PE)-2009
DIN 7985-1990
DIN 923-2012
DIN 967-2002
DIN 968-2008
GB 70-1985
GB 862.1-1987
GB 9074.26-1988
GB 9074.4-1988
GB 9074.8-1988
GB /T 2670.1-2017
GB /T 5287-2002
GB /T 6175-2016
GB /T 70.1-2008
GB /T 70.2-2015
GB /T 70.3-2008
GB /T 818-2000
GB /T 820-2015
GB /T 845-2017
GB /T 848-2002
GB /T 889.2-2016
GB /T 896-2020
GB /T 9074.1-2018
GB /T 923-2009
ISO 14579-2011
ISO 14581-2013
ISO 14585-2011
ISO 7040-2012
ISO 7045-1994
JIS B 1111-2017
JIS B 2804(ER)-2010
Self-Clinching CLA
YJT 13002
YJT 3028
YJT 4020
YJT 4037

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Contact: 庄宏伟
Telephone: +86-755-89505088
Mobile Phone: +86-13008864675
Fax: +86-755-89505298
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 About Us
1、Evolution and Major products:

GOTOP was founded in 1996 in China. It is famous for manufacturing high quality fasteners.

GOTOP covers 2 business areas: Screws, Screw Die. GOTOP has been certified With ISO9001: 2000 by IEC of England.


Human base, Quality first, Customer satisfaction, Specialty

3、Quality directions:

We redound upon the customer's expectation as top quality, as a result of each member of the team.

4、Quality objectives:

Order delivery yield rate≥99.5%.

Approved rate of return guests ≤ 1%.

5、Business status:

Our business expanded to more than a dozen countries and more than 20 provinces in China. Deal with IT, Electron, Communication, Toys,

Horologe, and Machine etc. The company has flourished, continuous develop for dependability products.

Our customers include:

W&Y , CRS--a famous watch firm

APPROACH--a famous electronic parts plant

TEXTRON—a famous

TAMURA--a globe famous electronic parts firm

ENG--Canon & Motorola's vender

ROWA--a famous electric appliance plant

6、Contact us :

General manager: Mr. Jones.Zhuang

Sales manager: Mr.HongWei Zhuang

Phone: +86-755-89505088

Fax: +86-755-89505298


7、The annual Production capability: 1’500 million screws

8、Register assets: RMB1'000'000.

9、Major equipment:

Screw machine 86

Else 38